A bigger voice for Malaga in the fresh line-up at the Junta in Seville

The new regional ministers with their president and vice-president.
The new regional ministers with their president and vice-president. / EFE
  • Besides Juanma Moreno, the Malaga PP supremo, Elías Bendodo is another politician from the province among the new intake in the Palacio San Telmo

As well as the new president of the Junta, Juanma Moreno, there are several people with strong links to Malaga and the Costa del Sol in the new regional cabinet .

With the Junta based in Seville, a traditional rival to Malaga, the new influx of 'malagueños' was being seen as a sign the province could benefit from more investment and attention in future from the regional government.

New regional minister for Cabinet and Interior, and right hand man of Juanma Moreno, is Elias Bendodo, provincial chief of the PP party in Malaga and head of the Malaga Diputación provincial authority for the last eight years until this week.

New regional minister of Education and Sport is Javier Imbroda, a Cs party appointment and a regional MP for Malaga since December's election. He was previously a high-profile basketball player and coach, including for Malaga's Unicaja team in the 1990s.

The new regional minister for Employment, Rocío Blanco, from Cordoba, was previously head of the Social Security payment collection service in Malaga province.

Increasing the availability of quality jobs in the region is the key aim of the new Junta. On Tuesday, Blanco said, "Employment is the hot potato in Andalucía and we've got to tackle it as soon as possible."

The full list of names

The full list of eleven regional ministers, beside the president is: Juan Marín, Vice-President and minister for Tourism; Elías Bendodo, Cabinet Office, Public Administration and Interior; Alberto García Valera, minister for Tax, Industry and Energy; Jesús Aguirre, Health and Families; Carmen Crespo, Agriculture; Marifran Carazo, Infrastructure; Rogelio Velasco, Finance; Javier Imbroda, Education and Sport; Rocío Blanco, Employment and Training; Rocío Ruiz, Social Policy and Equality; Patricia del Pozo, Culture and Heritage.