Work to bring more water to Mijas Pueblo to start in "two months' time"

Mijas Pueblo needs more water pumping to its hillside location.
Mijas Pueblo needs more water pumping to its hillside location. / I.G.
  • The council will spend seven million euros from a levy on bills to pay for improvements which was held back when Acosol took over supply

Parts of Mijas municipality, especially Mijas Pueblo, look set to see some improvements to their water supply network shortly.

The local council has said that work will start in two months to spend just over seven million euros that has been collected from local residents' water bills to invest in improved infrastructure.

The amount of extra levy, overseen by the Junta de Andalucía, has built up over time and Mijas is the largest municipality that is yet to spend its allocation.

Mijas originally asked for funds for improvements in 2009 when the local water supply was managed by the town hall itself.

However in 2011, water management locally was transferred to Acosol, the joint public water company for municipalities on the western Costa, and further improvements needed to the pipework were identified.

Now the council has the green light to spend 7. 1 million euros. A tender process is expected to begin imminently and work should get under way in the spring.

Mijas Pueblo will be the main beneficiary of the work, as the water supply there suffers the most during drought. There will be a new pump and storage system to bring 10,000 cubic metres of water up from the Río Verde river at the foot of the Sierra de Mijas mountains.

There will also be work carried out on the network of pipes around the village, said representatives of Mijas town hall this week.