National fire prevention initiative comes to Torremolinos bullring

The tree-day awareness programme is focusing on children.
The tree-day awareness programme is focusing on children. / T.B.
  • The awareness programme will visit 35 towns across Spain this year to offer advice concerning potential fire hazards

Torremolinos is hosting the Semana de la Prevención de Incendios, a fire prevention programme designed to help people to identify the risks of a fire in the home, schools and workplaces.

The initiative, which is being held in the Torremolinos bullring, is organised by the MAPFRE Foundation and the APTB, an association that specialises in citizen protection and emergency rescue.

The awareness programme, now in its thirteenth edition, will visit 35 towns all over Spain this year and will include a special emphasis on smoke detectors and evacuation procedures.

There will also be a focus on children: the organisers have invited pupils from several schools in Torremolinos to attend workshops and educational programmes about fire prevention. The workshops will offer guidelines concerning the awareness of fire hazards and how to avoid them. They will highlight the importance of exercising caution with bad electrical installations and overloaded sockets, which are among the leading causes of fire in the home.

The programme will emphasise the advantages of installing smoke detectors in the home, one of the most effective and economic systems for surviving a fire which occurs during sleeping hours.

The three-day programme began on Thursday (yesterday) and continues until Saturday, when it will be open to the general public between 9am and 3pm.