Compulsory purchase orders clear way for airport's north access road

The new road is an alternative to the south access opened in 2013.
The new road is an alternative to the south access opened in 2013. / SUR
  • Once the expropriations are completed next week, work can start on the 1.65-kilometre link between the terminal and the outer ring road near Alhaurín de la Torre

The central government can finally get to work on the long-awaited road that will link Malaga Airport with the A-7 motorway (known as the outer ring road or the 'hiperronda') that runs north of the terminals.

The work has been held up as the government has only just obtained the necessary land through compulsory purchase orders. The process is due to be finalised next week with payments to the owners of the 39 estates the road will pass through.

The 26-million-euro contract for the construction of the new access road, which will be just 1.65 kilometres long, was granted to the group formed by Acciona Construcción and Jiménez y Carmona ten months ago.

Now, with the expropriation hurdle overcome, work is expected to start in the next few months and last for three years. With this timeline, the new link is not likely to be open before 2022.

The central government estimates that some 12,000 vehicles will use the new north access every day.

The road will join the motorway at the Churriana and Alhaurín de la Torre roundabout and the contract includes the widening of the road into Alhaurín de la Torre, relieving the rush hour congestion in the area.