Shorter waiting lists for surgery but longer ones for tests

  • The waiting time for sugery in the Malaga province has improved and is now third-shortest waiting time after Cadiz and Cordoba

The waiting time for surgery under the health service in Malaga has improved and the province now has the third-shortest waiting times after Cadiz and Cordoba.

In Malaga the average delay is now 68 days for surgery which is supposed to be carried out within a maximum of 180 days, and 47 for those due within 120 days. On the other hand, the delays in diagnostic tests in Malaga have increased, from an average of 20 days to 34.

The latest figures issued by the regional health department, collated at 30 June last year, showed that there were 5,550 patients waiting for surgery within 180 days, and the average wait was 68 days, which was four fewer than on 30 June 2017.

The Andalusian Health Service says the waiting time in Malaga is better than the regional average, which is 84 days. Only Cadiz and Cordoba have shorter waiting times, with an average of 59 and 62 days respectively. The worst province in this respect is Granada, with a delay of 135 days, Jaén with 88 and Huelva, at 82 days.

For operations which are supposed to be carried out within four months, the average in Malaga province is 47 days (only Cadiz is shorter, at 37 days), the same as Seville. The average waiting time in Andalucía for these operations is 59 days.

Compared with the health service figures at 30 June 2017, it can be seen that patients in Malaga now have to wait about six days less, as the average has dropped from 53 days to 47. On 30 June last year the hospitals in Malaga had 3,426 patients waiting for an operation which is supposed to be carried out within 120 days.

In terms of individual hospitals the Regional (formerly Carlos Haya) has improved, with an average wait of 59 days for the six-month operations and 41 days for those due to be carried out in four months. In 2017 the figures were 86 and 52 days respectively. Unfortunately, the situation at the Clínico Universitario has worsened for six-month operations, with an average wait of 64 days compared with 49 in 2017.