Pistol, grenades and submachine guns found in abandoned car in Benahavís

  • An investigation has been launched after an arsenal of weapons was found in a car that was recently impounded after having been abandoned in December

A National Police investigation is under way after a vehicle which was abandoned in Benahavís, was found to contain an arsenal of weapons.

The vehicle first came to the attention of the authorities in mid-December when it was spotted, clearly abandoned, on a road in the municipality. None of the nearby residents knew who it belonged to and when the police ran the plates, it was found to have been registered stolen in the UK.

The vehicle was then impounded and on further inspection was found to contain a loaded pistol in the glove compartment, two submachine guns and two hand grenades in a bag in the boot.

The investigation has been handed over to the organised crime unit (Udyco) but those responsible have not yet been identified.