Conference centre to get new waterproof roof covering to put an end to soggy events

Marbella's Palacio de Congresos has a leaking roof.
Marbella's Palacio de Congresos has a leaking roof. / JOSELE-LANZA
  • Marbella council says that patching up, carried out several years ago, doesn't work and it wants a permanent end to the leaks and the buckets collecting drips

It's a familiar sight for visitors to Marbella's conference and exhibition centre: if it's raining when you go to an event held there, you'll find buckets around the floors to collect dripping water. Once the rainy weather has passed, the building's structure still suffers from damp as a result of the leaky roof.

Marbella council has decided to put an end to this common scene and have the roof completely rain-proofed. The last repairs were only carried out in 2010 but since then more joints in the roof panels and frame supporting it have deformed or rusted, letting in water.

Town hall engineers say that past patching up hasn't lasted long enough and is affected by the expansion and contraction of the roof structure in the summer heat, opening up gaps in the repairs that let the water in. As a result the tender brief for the work says that the only long-term solution is a complete rainproof covering.

The work has been put out to tender at a cost of 80,000 euros and is being prioritised by the council.

It is planned to last six weeks and today, Friday, is the deadline for companies interested in carrying out the work to submit their bids.

Three part project

The tender document envisages three stages to the work: cleaning and preparing the surface; putting on a 20mm insulating foam layer to create a rigid surface, protecting against fluctuations in temperature; and lastly a grey waterproof layer.

The council hopes that the work will be finished by mid January and put an end to drips at the venue for a long time.