Deal reached for use of abandoned track to bypass flood damage

The condition of the railway track after the flooding.
The condition of the railway track after the flooding. / Ñito Salas
  • Railway workers will be able to start in the next few days reinstalling the lines washed away in last month's flooding between Pedrera and Osuna

The Public Works ministry and the railways administrator (ADIF) have agreed to use a section of the AVE track which was constructed between Antequera and Seville but never completed, to solve the problem caused by the severe flooding last month.

The section measures eleven kilometres and will divert the present route away from the Aguadulce area where the Río Blanco broke its banks and destroyed the bridge. The 'bypass' will keep both the Osuna and Pedrera stations operational and re-establish the conventional track between Malaga and Seville (the high speed AVE was not affected).

ADIF suggested thepossibility of this bypass using the abandoned section as soon as the damage to the line had been assessed and the process for both parties to reach an agreement was completed quickly, scarcely three weeks after the flooding.

The work is expected to take just a few months as it is only necessary to connect up to the bypass at each end and as the trains that use the line are diesel are not electric, only a conventional track is required.