Teenager in Marbella tragedy had announced suicide plans on social media

The scene of the tragedy.
The scene of the tragedy. / JOSELE-LANZA
  • Friends of the 16-year-old who died on Friday called the shopping centre to try to stop him and a friend from throwing themselves off the roof. Security guards saved the girl's life

The 16-year-old boy who died after throwing himself off the roof of the Costa Marbella shopping centre in Puerto Banús on Friday had announced his plans to commit suicide along with a friend on social media.

The teenager went ahead with the plan; his companion, a girl of the same age, was saved by security staff.

When friends of the pair, both students at an international school in Marbella, read messages detailing when and where they planned to take their own lives, they called the shopping centre, where security staff began a search.

They found the couple on the roof at around 12 noon, just as the boy jumped. The girl, according to sources consulted by SUR, hesitated, enabling the security guards to grab her and prevent her from jumping. When she found she had been trapped and the guards were restraining her, she asked them to take a photo with her mobile phone to post on social media. She was then taken to a Malaga hospital where she was treated for an anxiety attack.

The boy fell from a height of around 20 metres, hitting some trees before landing on the pavement about three metres from the building. According to sources he did not die instantly but the emergency services were unable to save his life.