Inland towns in Malaga province clean up after worst torrential rain in history

Bobdailla Estación, early Sunday morning.
Bobdailla Estación, early Sunday morning. / SALVADOR SALAS
  • A firefighter has died after a fire engine overturned on a rescue mission near Campillos

  • Bobadilla, Campillos, Teba, Casarabonela and Ardales were worst hit by record rainfall after the met office issued a red weather warning

Areas in the north of the province of Malaga are attempting to clear up the mess after torrential rain caused serious flood damage in Bobadilla, Campillos, Teba, Casarabonela and Ardales, as well as the Ronda area and Estepona Sunday morning.

An Antequera firefighter lost his life after the fire engine he was driving overturned on its way to aid the rescue operation near Campillos. He was dragged along by the flood water and his body was found on Sunday morning.

Rescue in Bobadilla.

Rescue in Bobadilla. / SALVADOR SALAS

The Spanish met office Aemet issued a red weather warning for heavy rain from midnight on Saturday and emergency services from around the province were deployed in the area.

The heavy rain persisted throughout Sunday morning and hundreds of residents were forced to abandon their homes or spend the night bailing out water, while others were trapped for hours in their vehicles as roads were closed.

On Sunday the government sent in the military to help with the rescue and clean-up operation with more resources deployed on Monday.

Schools were closed on Monday in Estepona, Campillos, Benaoján and Bobadilla.


All access roads to Campillos were closed and an emergency operation base set up at a local service station. Locals were called on to lend their tractors and boats to the authorities. The situation was described as "serious" by the emergency services with considerable material damage caused.


In Teba, according to the local mayor Cristóbal Corral, several people had to be resuced from their vehicles trapped in the floods and around 300 reisdents were unable to return to their homes after roads became inaccessible. Arond 80 homes were thought to have been flooded and around ten people had to spend the night in municipal buildings after being unable to leave the village.


In Bobadilla Estación several families had to be rescued from their homes and spent the night at the station. The village was completely cut off. "We've never seen anything like this, it's incredible" said one resident.


In Ronda archaeologists were assessing the damage caused to the Río Guadalevín Moorish baths, one of the best-preserved monuments of its kind in the Iberian peninsula. Flash floods washed away part of an18th century tannery as well as a wall in the gardens.


In Estepona the heavy rain closed the A-7 road and flooded buildings include the Local Police station and the health centre. The River Guadalmansa broke its banks.