No solution in sight for pathway connecting iconic Nerja beaches

Homeless people have put up tents and other beach items.
Homeless people have put up tents and other beach items. / Eugenio Cabezas
  • The Paseo de Carabineros, which is near to the Balcón de Europa, has remained closed since 2002

The Paseo del los Carabineros, a walkway which links the Calahonda and Carabeíllo beaches in Nerja, remains closed to the public 16 years after it was shut due to the risk of falling rocks. However, there appears to be no solution in sight for the area and complaints from residents and local businesses continue.

The walkway, which is very close to the Balcón de Europa, to the left of which is the Calahonda beach, is used by homeless people who sleep in tents and keep a collection of parasols and other beach objects there. A spokesperson from Nerja town hall has said that the area is cleaned "every two months" and highlighted that in the course of recent cleaning sessions up to 2,000 kilos of rubbish have been collected.

In September, a rockfall at the Carabeíllo end of the closed pathway caused damage to a sewage pipe, which lead to the temporary closure of Burriana beach. The town hall and Junta de Andalucía have looked into projects to stabilise the rocks, but say that carrying out such work would be expensive. Plans to repair the Carabeíllo area alone have been costed at 80,000 euros.

Local businesses near the affected area complain continually about the "terrible image" it gives to visitors in one of Nerja's "most touristic areas." However, there appears to be no foreseeable solution to a problem that a succession of governments have overlooked since its closure in 2002.