Marbella town hall banking on corruption millions despite claims from central treasury

  • The council has voted unanimously in favour of adding to its 2018 budget

The council in Marbella has voted unanimously in favour of adding to its 2018 budget more than 14 million euros which the town has received in damages from corruption court cases.

This will allow the council to carry out the projects that local residents voted to spend these funds on. The funds were deposited in the courts in the Malaya and Saqueo I and II trials involving municipal corruption.

The measure, approved on Monday, distributes the funds among three projects: a care home for the elderly, a new home for the official language school (EOI) and a music and dance school and library in San Pedro.

The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, said that "not a single euro" of the funds would go to the central government, in reference to claims from the tax collection agency (Hacienda) and, more recently, the Social Security department for the 12 million euros obtained from Malaya to cover debts.

The leader of the Socialist opposition on the council, José Bernel, has said that the Socialist government in Madrid would sign an agreement to allow the town hall to spend the funds on the schemes the residents wanted.