Name of "Nazi suspect" to be removed from square in Ojén

Part of the drive from Elviria is named after Hoffmann.
Part of the drive from Elviria is named after Hoffmann. / Josele-Lanza
  • The council will rename the square by the German school in La Mairena, but a nearby access road in Marbella municipality still carries Juan Hoffmann's name

Ojén town hall has decided to change the name of Plaza Juan Hoffmann, which is opposite the German school in the La Mairena area. It comes after information came to light alleging that Hoffmann, founder of the school, was linked to Nazism.

The mayor of Ojén, José Antonio Gómez, has said that the change is being made to avoid any controversy although nothing has been fully proven.

It has been reported that Juan Hoffmann was number 37 on the post-war list of 104 Nazis living overseas and most wanted by the Allies. The research has been carried out mostly by historian Carlos Collado Seidel, of the University of Marburg. It also claims that the founder of the school was involved in the Spanish Civil War. In later life he was local German consul and died in 1998.

Last year the school itself, run by descendants of Hoffmann but under the control of the German academic authorities, decided to drop its founder's name. The family denies the accusations.

Now Ojén will make the same decision about the square outside after enquiries from SUR. The square will be called Plaza Alemania.

Meanwhile, Marbella council has said it will review the name of the top part of the Avenida de España uphill drive towards La Mairena from Elviria, which falls within its borders and is also officially called Avenida Juan Hoffmann, although the name doesn't appear on maps.