Up to 20,000 residents to have their roads adopted by Mijas council at last at no charge

The Riviera area is one of the urbanizaciones that could benefit.
The Riviera area is one of the urbanizaciones that could benefit. / I. G.
  • The "historic" town hall decision could affect 140 developments, including areas like Calahonda and Riviera, that do not currently get road maintenance services as they are unincorporated

Mijas council's most ambitious project for this legislatative period has taken an important step forward. Last week it was announced that about 70 per cent of the more than 200 apartment and house developments that do not currently get road maintenance services from the town hall can have them at last if they want them, and at no upfront charge to the homeowners.

Mayor Juan Carlos Maldonado explained that, until now, "for 40 years no local administration had thought about those affected residents".

The council is expected to publish in the next few days details of the process for the residents' associations in the different "urbanizaciones" to become fully adopted by the council.

Recently the town hall completed a study of all parts of the municipality that still have private roads to estimate the cost of incorporating them, something that the residents have been asking for for a long time as services tend to be cheaper via the council. Some developments need prior investment for the council to take over maintenance. However with the decision that 70 per cent can join at no charge, some 20,000 residents, including larger estates on Mijas Costa with many expatriate residents, such as Riviera, Calahonda, El Coto and Calypso, could benefit. Mijas council has 90,000 residents in its municipal area.

Although many of these 140 developments have roads in a poor state of repair, the council has agreed to take them on if owners want and carry out repairs gradually, as it does for the rest of the municipality, without immediate action in most cases.

To be able to begin work, the mayor plans to use part of the surplus budget that has been accumulated of some 95 million euros.

"Very soon residents will have a complete road map to follow to ask to be adopted. Residents on the 'urbanizaciones' are celebrating, as for the first time in the history of the municipality an administration has taken a clear step forward so that all the local population can be treated equally across the municipality," said Maldonado.