Man jailed over brutal murder of council worker in Algarrobo

The area where the attack took place.
The area where the attack took place. / E. Cabezas
  • The suspect was arrested two days after the body of Antonio Camacho Reina was found in Las Escalerillas park with severe facial disfigurement

A 47year-old man was sent to prison without bail on Wednesday in connection with the brutal murder of a council employee in Algarrobo in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Sixty-three-year-old Antonio Camacho Reina, known locally as 'El Manco', died in a violent attack at around 4am on Saturday morning at the Las Escalerillas park in the town. He was there to look after the electrical equipment used during the Fiesta de la Quema celebrations.

The Guardia Civil quickly arrived on the scene having been informed of a possible attack in the park. On arrival, 'El Manco' was already dead.

Officers spoke to a witness who said they saw a man jumping on the victim's head. According to the subsequent autopsy, the victim suffered around a dozen blows to the head and neck area, causing severe facial disfigurement. His injuries suggested that he had been punched, kicked and stamped on.


The motive of the attack is not yet known. The theft of the electrical equipment has not been ruled out but the principal hypothesis points towards previous bad blood between the two men; the alleged aggressor is known to have threatened to kill the victim on a previous occasion.

According to sources, the victim had recently started a relationship with a former partner of the alleged attacker.

The suspect, identified as J. J., is a former legionnaire and lives with his older brother. Sources said he has a mental illness and that police officers seized several marijuana plants from his property. He has been jailed without bail while investigations continue.

Both men are well known in the small town, where two official days of mourning were declared and the festivities postponed.