Sixty per cent of Marbella traffic fines are given for illegal parking

Double parked cars in Fuente Nueva, in San Pedro.
Double parked cars in Fuente Nueva, in San Pedro. / JOSELE-LANZA
  • Speeding, which is an increasing problem, accounted for 30 per cent of the 24, 432 penalties given out by Local Police last year

Data shows that illegal and dangerous parking is an increasing problem in Marbella. Over the course of 2017, illegal stopping and parking accounted for 57 per cent of the total number of fines issued by police. That was followed by speeding, which accounted for 27.4 per cent of cases.

Last year, the Local Police in Marbella issued a total of 24,432 fines for traffic offences. Of those, 14,082 were related to illegal parking. The figure is very similar to that of 2014, before it fell to 13,337 in 2015 and 10,023 between January and October 2016. The increase is put down to greater police surveillance, but also an increase in road traffic in the years following the economic crisis and the gradual reduction of parking spaces in the centre.

Another concerning fact from the municipal police statistics is the increase in fines for speeding. Drivers who in recent years had begun to cut their speed due to the speed camera on the Golden Mile and the activation of the new laser speed control system appear to have started to speed up again. 7,831 fines were issued in 2014, which fell to 6,761 the following year (the first year where the speed camera was in operation) and then down to 3,355 between January and October of 2016.

Last year the figure climbed up again to 6,419 in only eight months, as the speed camera was out of service between March and June.

Fines for using a mobile phone while driving also increased, to 553 last year, as did the number of drivers under the influence. Last year a total of 387 fines were issued (346 for alcohol and 41 for drugs), and there were also 205 for those not wearing seatbelts. Twenty eight motorcyclists were also caught without helmets.