Regional government approves restoration works for the historic Trapiche del Prado mill

The historic mill is a protected building.
The historic mill is a protected building. / Josele-Lanza
  • Marbella council is about to put the contract out to tender, with a base price of 120,000 euros, to restore this protected building

The Andalusian regional government's Department of Culture has given the green light to emergency and restoration works to the Trapiche del Prado mill, once an emblem of Marbella's thriving local sugar industry but has recently fallen into a state of ruin.

The project, which was taken over by Marbella council's Cultural department and architect Rafael Pozo at the end of 2017, was officially presented on 18 January. However, the project has been at a standstill since then as, according to the Law of Historical Heritage of Andalucía, permission from the regional government had to be granted first as the seventeenth-century structure is included in the Catalogue of Andalusian Historical Heritage.

On 2 February, the regional government representative in Malaga issued a resolution authorising the work, with the condition that an archaeological survey was carried out first. This has now been completed and the permission granted. Planning for the structure, located to the north of the town, therefore, can now begin.

With an allocated budget of 120,000 euros, the contract will be imminently put out to tender.

Head of of Culture, Education and Historical Heritage in Marbella, Carmen Díaz, said that it is expected that the administrative process of bidding for these works will take almost three months.

It is estimated that the works will begin in September and will be completed before the end of the year.

The emergency works that will be undertaken in the Trapiche del Prado have a very specific purpose: to guarantee that the inside of the structure is safe for the archaeologists who will carry out a survey on its condition.

After the emergency works and survey are carried out, the council will commence with restoration works and promoting the site as a tourist attraction.