Marbella asks government to put an end to dangerous A-7 crossings

A pedestrian crossing between vehicles in El Trapiche.
A pedestrian crossing between vehicles in El Trapiche. / Josele-Lanza
  • The town hall is awaiting permission from the Public Works ministry to add new pedestrian crossings in El Trapiche

Marbella town hall has submitted a request to the Public Works ministry (Fomento) in a bid to put an end to the dangerous conditions pedestrians in the northern part of the town encounter, crossing the A-7 to get from El Trapiche to the area close to the bus station.

The lack of crossings and the expansion of the area to include the bus station, the Mario Vargas Llosa primary school and a soon-to-be-reopened hotel, has seen an increasing number of people risking their lives on a daily basis as they attempt to cross the A-7 slip roads.

However, the creation of new, clearly signposted crossings requires the permission of Fomento which owns the public highways. The slip roads currently fall under Fomento's jurisdiction, though Marbella town hall contests that they are urban roads and should therefore fall under its control.

There are currently four points where people regularly cross, but none of them have sufficient pavement width and only one has any markings on the road.