Calls grow for Junta to rectify "below standard" new footbridge over the A-397 in San Pedro

  • The deputy mayor says that it poses an obvious risk to users

The new pedestrian footbridge over the A-397 in San Pedro that was opened without much fanfare on 4 May is already attracting criticism.

Deputy mayor for San Pedro, Rafael Piña (OSP) has visited the site and is calling for the Junta de Andalucía regional government to rectify the “below standard” footbridge which he says poses an obvious risk to its users.

Piña points to several holes in the ground, the use of different types of concrete, handrails held on with just “little bits of wood”.

The OSP has also pointed out that the company responsible for the construction of the bridge left behind rubble and other mess.

“We hope that the PSOE running the Junta does its job and comes to carry out an inspection here and order the necessary repairs to give us the footbridge the people deserve,” read the OSP statement.