Contract awarded to build new San Pedro health centre with work starting by summer

José Luis Ruiz Espejo (centre) at the Costa del Sol Hospital.
José Luis Ruiz Espejo (centre) at the Costa del Sol Hospital. / J-Lanza
  • The SAS regional health service will spend 4.6 million euros on the new facility that will be three times the size of the current building

The representative of the Junta de Andalucía regional government in Malaga has said that the new SAS health centre in San Pedro will be ready in 2019.

José Luis Ruiz Espejo was speaking on an official visit to the nearby Hospital Costa del Sol designed to promote the health benefits of olive oil.

The construction of the new health centre in San Pedro has been awarded to Añil Servicios who are expected to start work before the summer and complete building within 18 months. A total of ten companies bid for the work.

The new centre has been urgently called for some time as the existing building is too small and in a state of disrepair. Moves to replace the existing centre began last summer when Marbella council agreed to give up a piece of land it owned next to the current site.

Designed to serve 45,000

The centre will be designed to serve a local catchment area of 45,000 people. It will cover 3,441 square metres, triple the old building, with 24 consulting rooms for adults and four more for children. Unlike the existing centre, there will also be an orthodental surgery and a mental health facility. There will also be a physiotherapy service and equipment for minor operations.

“We will be ready in 2019, just like we said,” said Ruiz Espejo on his visit to the Marbella area.