Malaga hospitals in urgent need of donors from all blood groups

A woman gives blood in a file photo.
A woman gives blood in a file photo. / SUR
  • Response to calls to give blood has helped boost reserves

The Regional Blood Transfusion Centre is calling for people from all blood groups to donate after reserves of blood fell below their minimum levels.

They are particularly interested in donors from the O+ and O- blood types. Isidro Prat, director of the Tranfusion Centre, has said that local residents have already responded “in a magnificent way.”

On Tuesday 437 people donated blood and on Wednesday 258 people donated. Isidro is hoping that donations will average around 400 per day in order to increase the reserves.

Currently, hospitals in the Malaga area make 250 blood transfusions per day on their patients. Each donor gives enough blood for three people to use, providing red blood cells, platelets and plasma.