Developer includes electric train, new roads and cycle routes in mega leisure park plans

Artist's impression of the proposed development.
Artist's impression of the proposed development. / SUR
  • Intu has gone further in its proposals than the measures recommended by the council to cope with increased traffic

Councillors in Torremolinos are still looking for solutions to the projected growth in the town's traffic from planned new commercial developments and the subsequent increase in the number of vehicles on the road, especially with the proposed leisure park complex by developers Intu.

The developer plans to create the largest shopping and leisure centre in the Mediterranean near the Palacio de Congresos, but the current infrastructure in Torremolinos is not prepared to deal with the increase in traffic that this would bring.

In addition to increasing the capacity of the roads off the motorway, as reported last week in SUR in English, Intu has put forward several other solutions, including an electric train that will connect the town centre to the complex and new walking and cycling links.

Intu's plans are in addition to those proposed by the town council, as they not only include ideas to reduce road traffic but also viable alternatives such as pedestrianised areas and roads built specifically for bicycle users. One of the most interesting aspects of the proposed development is that it will increase the interconnectivity of the town's current transport infrastructure by establishing strong links between the town centre and the shopping and leisure park.

Park and ride train

The developer will offer an off-site car park where visitors can leave their cars and ride an electric train instead of a more conventional park-and-ride bus. This innovative idea has already worked well at the company's Puerto Valencia centre in Zaragoza, which features an enormous car park with 11,000 spaces.

The promotor plans to invest 600 million euros in the project by the time of its completion.