The park is one of the most popular in the area.
Complaints about the neglect of La Paloma park in Arroyo

Complaints about the neglect of La Paloma park in Arroyo

The council announced a cutback in maintenance as a savings measure in 2015 but local residents are angry about the state of parts of the park


Friday, 26 January 2018, 12:19


In 2014 it was voted one of the 25 best parks in Europe by users of the TripAdvisor website, but cutbacks to cleaning and maintenance services in recent years have left their mark on the Parque de la Paloma, in Arroyo de la Miel.

Local residents and business owners are angry at the stage of neglect in some parts of this park, which is one of the biggest in the municipality and is visited by hundreds of people every day.

Opposition councillors have also complained on several occasions about the lack of attention given to this and other parks in the area.

The cutbacks applied to the maintenance of local parks and gardens amount to around a million euros.

They were announced in 2015 as a savings measure, but it has rather backfired.

La Paloma park covers more than 200,000 square metres and is a haven for wildlife, with an abundance of rabbits, ducks and hens.

This makes it complicated to maintain, and the complaints include delays in cleaning the lake when it becomes dirty, the presence of dead animals and fallen branches.

Although some of the complaints were made months ago, those who lodged them say they have still received no reply from the council.

People are also concerned about the state of the Arroyo Casablanca park, gardens such as those at the entrance to the Santo Domingo district and green zones in tourist attractions like the Bil-Bil castle and Avenida Antonio Machado.

However, it appears that the continual criticism and complaints have not fallen on completely deaf ears.

The council has now included 360,000 euros in this year's budget for maintaining parks and gardens.

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