The body, thought to be Rebecca Muldoon, was found on the beach on Sunday.
Rebecca Muldoon's husband arrested in connection with financial crime

Rebecca Muldoon's husband arrested in connection with financial crime

Paul Muldoon, who was first detained amid allegations of domestic violence before his wife disappeared, was wanted by the British authorities

Juan Cano

Tuesday, 16 January 2018, 13:33


The National Police have arrested Paul Muldoon, the husband of Rebecca Muldoon, the British woman whose body, according to the inquiry, was found on a beach in Marbella on Sunday.

The detention is in response to a warrant issued by the British authorities in relation to a finance-related offence, and is not connected to the disappearance of his wife. According to the inquiry, no third party is thought to have been involved in her death and the initial results of the autopsy point to suicide.

This is the second time Paul Muldoon has been arrested since the beginning of the year. He was detained first on New Year's Day in connection with a case of domestic violence at their home in the Vigil de Quiñones area of Marbella. While Rebecca never formally confirmed the allegations, her husband was taken into custody.

He spent the night in a police cell whicle Rebecca took her two children, eight and eleven, to a friend's house. The next day she had been called to appear in court in connection with the abuse allegations but she never turned up. She disappeared while he was still in custody, leaving the children at home.

After a neighbour alerted the police to the fact that the children were at home alone, Rebecca's family were notified and travelled to Marbella to take care of them.

Following the first arrest of Paul Muldoon investigations revealed that he was wanted by the British authorities for a finance-related offence and the European arrest warrant came into force on Monday. He was arrested again and awaits extradition procedures.

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