Four drug traffickers arrested after a shootout in Marbella

  • Police seized over a ton of hashish from a Marbella residence

. Four men have been remanded in custody and face a range of criminal charges from drug trafficking to attempted homicide, in connection with a shoot-out in Marbella. The events date back to last September, when two men arrived at a central Marbella hospital with gunshot wounds.

The National Police investigation revealed that the two men, of Spanish nationality and 25 and 29 years old, had been in a confrontation with two others, and had then been shot. The investigation led the police to a house on the Camino de Santiago in Marbella.

There they found two other men, a 18-year-old Dutch man and a 43-year-old Polish man, as well as a ski mask, gloves, more than 5,000 euros in notes, and, in a blood-soaked pouch, a firearm. When they returned with a search warrant, they discovered over a tonne of hashish, the gun used in the shooting hidden in a water treatment system, as well as three other firearms.

The police concluded that the shootout occurred because the Spanish men, part of one drug ring, had attempted to steal the hashish from their rivals. The Spanish and Polish men face charges of drug trafficking, assault and possession of illegal fireams, while the Dutch man is accused of attempted homicide.