Coín deaths inquiry continues after funeral of the two victims

The two coffins at the funeral on Sunday.
The two coffins at the funeral on Sunday. / SUR
  • The funerals of the two men who died in Thursday's brawl were held on Sunday, while two other men remain in hospital recovering from stab wounds

Residents of Coín gathered on Sunday to say goodbye to the two men who died during Thursday's brawl in Fuensanta. The funeral, which began at 5pm, occurred without incident. The two men who were injured in the fight remain in hospital where they are receiving treatment and are expected to make a full recovery.

The fight broke out at around 5pm last Thursday, 4 January between two local clans, 'los mudos' and 'los franceses', when some senior members of 'los mudos' began reprimanding some younger 'franceses' for making too much noise at siesta time. According to witnesses, despite the trivial nature of this confrontation, minutes later a mass brawl broke out which involved over 20 people. After the fight, the Guardia Civil deployed agents whose job was to ensure no more fights broke out, clarify the facts, and arrest those presumed to have started the brawl.

Since then, three people have been arrested in connection with the deaths, two have been remanded in custody and denied bail and the third, a minor, was referred to the juvenile prosecution service. The Guardia Civil are continuing with their investigation and have not ruled out further arrests.