Young rockers against bullying

The band performed the songs they had written themselves at the presentation of the videoclip.
The band performed the songs they had written themselves at the presentation of the videoclip. / J.L
  • The rock band from San Pedro Alcántara, which is formed by four girls and a boy, aged between eight and 15, will be releasing its first album next month

Their ages range from eight to 15, but their musical tastes are unlike those of most of their generation. They love immortal rock classics like AC/DC, Iron Maiden and the Rolling Stones, and those have been the inspiration for their first album, which is due to be released in February.

To give a taste of what is to come, this band, which was formed at the Rock Factory music academy in San Pedro Alcántara, has just produced its first videoclip, 'Something to say', in which they criticise bullying at school.

The band is called Devils in The Sky and it comprises Sara (vocalist, aged 15), María (vocalist, 13) Blanca (guitarist, 10), Lluvia (bass, 14), Julia (keyboard and guitar, 14) and the youngest member, Sergio (drummer, aged eight).

“We made this video because we really wanted people to see us play, but we also wanted them to know that we won't keep quiet about bullying. We need to fight against it, and if somebody sees a case of bullying at school they should report it,” says Lluvia, who admits that somebody close to her has been bullied at school. She didn't keep quiet about it. “I told the headmaster and the parents,” she says.

The Trapiche de Guadaiza Cultural Centre in San Pedro Alcántara was the venue chosen for the official presentation of the videoclip, which was attended by the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz and San Pedro councillors Manuel Cardeña and Manuel Osorio. The mayor praised the talent and promising future of “a band which formed less than a year ago at a music academy in San Pedro and is now being asked to appear on national television.” Among the audience of relatives and teachers, few could have imagined that these young musicians would go so far. The band has a Youtube channel, which already has a large number of followers. Last summer they performed in various places and events, including the Battle of the Bands in Marbella, Circunspona in Estepona and the Moors and Christians festival in Benalauría.


They like rock better than anything else and they began by doing versions of their favourite groups before going on to compose their own. They have now recorded three songs, which will appear on their album 'It's a new age', which was produced thanks to crowdfunding organised by Sergio's father.

They know a career in music will involve hard work and sacrifice but they don't care. They rehearse for hours, every day, as well as studying. “We want to be known. We want as many people as possible to see what we are capable of,” they say. They are also aware that training has to be constant, so the money they earn from sales of their disc will be spent on their studies and improving their equipment.

However, this is a very special time for them and they are happy. They know they still have a great deal more music ahead of them.