New boutique hotel to open in Marbella old town by the summer

Miguel Cerván, of Rhône Property (centre), with his team.
Miguel Cerván, of Rhône Property (centre), with his team. / J-L
  • A group of investors from the UK and Switzerland are spending 4.5m buying and converting a 16th century mansion house that will include 11 rooms, a rooftop terrace and a restaurant

A new boutique hotel will open in Calle Ancha in Marbella's old town by next summer. To be known as Maison Ardois, it will occupy a 16th century mansion that is currently being restored.

The 4.5-million-euro property development is being carried out by a group of international investors, including members from Britain and Switzerland, who are being advised by Rhône Property group. Although an operator for the hotel is still being sought, once open the hotel will be targeted at the mid to high end of the market and will also cater for families.

Plans for the building include a restaurant covering around 150 square metres and 11 rooms in different styles on the first and second floors. There will also be a rooftop terrace offering views across Marbella old town, a relatively new concept to Marbella that draws on the current fashion for rooftop bars on historic buildings in Malaga city. Talking about the project, head of Rhône Property, Miguel Cerván, said that careful consideration would be given to any possible impact on neighbours from the new rooftop terrace.

Quartz in the walls

The house is in an area of the old town with historic merchants and nobles houses complete with coats of arms above the doors.

The restoration of the building is being carried out by builders Aryon and respecting original architectural features. For example, antique tiling from the main staircase has been placed in storage to be put back again once the work is complete.

The property was originally built by the Ardois family, linked to the old mining industry in the town. As a result, an unusually large amount of quartz was used in the building of the walls, although much of this is now covered over. Rhône Property has presented a piece of quartz to the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz. Muñoz has also visited the site and praised the quality of the work and the commitment of the company to the town. The company has said it plans more investment in Marbella.