Tour of San Pedro school becomes 14th most-watched YouTube video

Martina with her YouTube Gold Play Button. :: SUR
Martina with her YouTube Gold Play Button. :: SUR
  • A student at Laude San Pedro British International School has a YouTube following of over one million

At just 12 years old, Martina D'Antiochia is a YouTube sensation. On her channel, 'La Diversión de Martina', which has over 1.6 million subscribers, she uploads fun videos with comedy sketches, tutorials and advice, and documents her adventures twice a week. Martina is now a recipient of one of YouTube's exciting Gold Play Buttons for reaching over one million subscribers.

The student at the British school Laude San Pedro is currently writing her third book, which is part fiction, part reality. Thanks to her popularity, Martina has had the opportunity to travel to Mexico and attend the Kids' Choice Awards, and recently she helped switch on the Estepona Christmas lights.

Her most recent video takes viewers on a tour of her school, Laude San Pedro. Uploaded last Saturday, the video already has over half a million views. In the video, Martina is interviewed by the school principal, Remedios López Padilla, about her book and how she came to be writing it.

“I have been writing stories for many years. One day a publisher contacted me and asked if I wanted to write a book. I said yes!” Martina explains in the video. “In the future, I dream of acting in a TV show and writing more books at home,” she adds.

Following the interview, Martina reads an excerpt from her book to some Year 3 students, and then gives viewers a tour of the school grounds and facilities with some of her friends.

The video became the fourteenth most-watched video on YouTube in under 24 hours after it was uploaded.