Manilva town hall hopes to push through “urgent” repairs to the health centre

  • The project, funded by the town hall, will see two new disabled toilets built and a new entrance to the building installed

Manilva town hall has put forward a proposal to the Junta de Andalucía, which controls the health service in the region, for a series of improvement works to its health centre which will be funded by the council itself.

According to the councillor responsible for Health, Juana Ortiz, the surgery is in “urgent” need of repairs. “These repairs cannot be delayed,” she said, explaining that the roof needed to be fixed and doors and windows replaced. What's more, the centre is in need of two new bathrooms for disabled people, as well as a new entrance, which provides easier access than the current one.

The town hall will cover the costs for the improvement works which have a budget of 44,626 euros and have been costed and planned by municipal technicians. They have been proposed in response to feedback given both by the healthcare providers at the centre and users.

Ortiz says that the improvement works will not affect the usual running of the centre as works will take place after 3pm and at weekends.

Once the administrative process is complete, the project will be put out to tender.