Thousands turn out in Malaga province to support the unity of Spain

The demonstration in Fuengirola.
The demonstration in Fuengirola. / FERNANDO TORRES
  • Fuengirola and Antequera are among towns and cities in Spain that held rallies against Catalan independence this weekend

While hundreds of thousands filled the streets of Barcelona and Madrid this weekend to protest against the Catalan government's plans for independence, residents closer to home in the province of Malaga also took their flags out in favour of the unity of Spain.

On Sunday some 6,000 people - according to municipal sources -gathered in the Plaza de España to wave their constitutional flags in support of the people of Catalonia who are against the idea of independence for their region.

The crowds also expressed their support for the National Police and the Guardia Civil after the forces' actions to prevent the illegal referendum on 1 October resulted in angry protests and insults by independence supporters.

The rally had been called by the local mayor Ana Mula (Partido Popular), who thanked the people for turning up and said she was "proud of the people of Fuengirola" and of "all Spaniards" who demonstrated on Sunday in favour of Spanish unity.

The crowds listened to the national anthem played over a loudspeaker, shouted 'Viva España' and danced to Manolo Escobar's song of the same name.

The fact that Sunday was the first day of the Fuengirola Rosario fair added to the festive atmosphere. Supporters had travelled to the town from around the province to take part in the event.


On Saturday the scene for the demonstration in favour of Spanish unity was Antequera. Around 4,000 people gathered in the Paseo Real where a giant Spanish flag was unfurled.