Mysterious poison claims the lives of a dozen dogs in Nueva Andalucía

A warning message beside the children's play area
A warning message beside the children's play area / Josele-Lanza
  • Police have cordoned off a children's playground in the area after a number of owners claimed to have walked their affected animals there

Residents in La Campana in Nueva Andalucía are worried not only about the welfare of their pets, but also their children in the wake of the death of around a dozen dogs in the past week after consuming an as-yet unknown poisonous substance.

All of the dogs suffered the same fate: “After the walk they start to feel drowsy, then they foam at the mouth and eventually die,” said Francisco José Montijano, resident in the area now fearing for his own pets.

At present, the source of the poisoning is unknown and residents have pleaded with the town hall to investigate and fumigate the area to prevent any further tragedies.

One dog lost its life on Wednesday after being taken for a walk close to a children's playground near Avenida Miguel de Cervantes. As a result, the Local Police have cordoned off the area, after warnings that the substance can also be harmful to small children.

Local public health inspectors are yet to comment on the issue.