Seven town halls set to get payouts for 2015 flood repairs

Damage in Pujerra has already been repaired by the council.
Damage in Pujerra has already been repaired by the council. / v.m
  • The government has agreed to assess formal funding requests from local towns and villages, with Alhaurín de la Torre asking for the most

The heavy rains that hit the province in autumn 2015 caused widespread damage: road subsidence that cut off villages, broken piping and flooded facilities to list just some.

After the downpours central government rushed to commit extra funding to town halls in order to get normal life moving again. In the meantime, cash-strapped mayors gathered together enough funds from local budgets to carry out much of the repairs while they waited for the government to pay out.

Now, almost two years on, seven towns and villages look set to finally get the emergency grants they were promised as the government has asked those places affected to list the work needed and the costs.

In total they submitted claims for grants to fund 93 different repairs totalling 7.5 million euros before the deadline last month. Up to half the cost of each repair will be subsidised.

The seven places are Torremolinos andAlhaurín de la Torre plus the inland villages of Igualeja, Pujerra, Júzcar, Cortés de la Frontera and Sayalonga. The lion’s share of this money has been requested by Alhaurín de la Torre.

Some places haven’t claimed

Other places were on the original list as eligible for payouts but have failed to get their applications in. Estepona and Casares can’t understand why they were on the list in the first place, Manilva says it has already made the repairs with its own money and inland Arenas and Jubrique declined as they will only get half the cost so will make do with patching up the damage instead. Algarrobo council pulled out as the road they wanted to repair turned out not to belong to them. Ronda and nearby Genalguacil say they have applied but for an unknown reason haven’t appeared on the government’s final list.