Costa's beaches are back in shape after storms, say officials

La Fontanilla beach is just one of many that is back to its best.
La Fontanilla beach is just one of many that is back to its best. / SUR
  • Madrid has urged local government to do more to remove unnecessary structures from beaches and keep stream beds clear of vegetation

The central government has said that work is over to clean up and restore sand on Costa del Sol beaches after winter and spring storm damage.

In total, 900,000 cubic metres of sand have been put back on the coast, either by moving it from other parts of the beach or bringing it in from outside.

Government officials explained this week that Marbella and Estepona have been the municipalities where most money has been spent, with each one receiving a million euros in beach-restoration funding.

On Wednesday, finishing touches were being made in Marbella, where authorities have improved access routes to the beaches, removing rocks and structural debris while smoothing over and adding sand, especially in central Marbella and San Pedro.

In Estepona, there has been similar work as well as repairs to the seafront at Arena Beach.

Madrid has stressed the need for local and regional authorities to do more to remove underground structures, like tubing from beaches, in order to better protect them, and keep stream beds free of excess vegetation, which adds to sand erosion when it is swept down during storms.