Policeman accidentally shoots driver in Marbella

  • The officer who fired the shot lost his balance after the car made a sudden movement

A local police officer in Marbella who shot the driver of a car in the early hours of Sunday morning did so accidentally and not out of self-defence.

The officer was said to have lost his balance, causing the ready-loaded gun, which the officer had readied when believing that he saw the driver holding something that looked like a weapon, to fire.

The situation began when the officer, who was on patrol with a fellow policeman, saw a car turn from one road onto another at great speed before it skidded after braking suddenly.

The officers approached the car and gave the driver clear instructions to get out of the vehicle, which were completely ignored.

The vehicle then made another sudden movement, which caused the policemen to fall over backwards and as a result the shot was fired.

The bullet did hit the vehicle as it escaped, and as a result injured the driver, who arrived later at the Costa del Sol Hospital with an injury to his arm.