Dolphin rescued off Puerto Banús

The dolphin is guided out to sea.
The dolphin is guided out to sea. / JOSELE-LANZA
  • The young mammal was found stranded in a bay on El Rodeo beach on Thursday

Volunteers from the Civil Protection organisation and staff from Marbella's municipal "Green Patrol" took part in the rescue on Thursday of a young dolphin that had become stranded close to El Rodeo beach in Puerto Banús.

At around 12 midday bathers noticed the dolphin close to the shore and raised the alarm.

Volunteers from Protección Civil along with staff from the town's Patrulla Verde used a special float designed for rescuing people from the sea which was placed beneath the dolphin's body to move it out to sea without harm.

With the help of a boat and a jetski the dolphin was guided to a point two miles from the shore, where it was released.