More youngsters on Costa taking marijuana, says addiction charity

The warning came at their press conference on Tuesday.
The warning came at their press conference on Tuesday. / Josele-Lanza
  • The Horizonte Proyecto Hombre association believes that cannabis is even being smoked by those as young as 12 years old

An association in Marbella set up to help drug addicts, Horizonte Proyecto Hombre, is extremely concerned by the number of youngsters who are now smoking marijuana, even if many are only experimenting with it.

The practice of taking the substance is socially acceptable among young people and seen as something that can have a therapeutic effect.

This is the reason the association believes that the substance is being consumed by more and more adolescents on the Costa, especially those between the ages of 12 and 14.

The news was one of the main issues discussed at the press conference presenting the charity’s annual report this week.

A gala dinner, which will see all proceeds go towards funding and sustaining the association’s projects and which is taking place tonight (Friday) at the Hotel Fuerte in Marbella, was also announced. Para-athlete Javier Mérida will be the guest of honour at the event.

Last year, the Horizonte Proyecto Hombre association helped a total of 14 teenagers and their families with problems of this nature.

Half of these needed support due to marijuana and tobacco consumption, while the other half had not started taking substances but showed signs of anger issues and lack of respect for authority.

The association’s primary focus is to rehabilitate people of all ages addicted to drugs and other substances. Overall last year, 43 addicts and 74 families directly benefited from their support.

Drug addicts are treated by an educational and therapeutic process for a minimum of three years and the treatment is completely free of charge for those affected.

However, the association doesn’t only help those with drug-related problems, but also assists those who suffer from addictions which do not involve substance taking, such as those addicted to social media and video games.

In the same way that marijuana is being smoked increasingly by young people, the association is worried about the age of new addicts to technology falling all the time, even though this trend has been more gradual.

For this reason, the Escuela de Familia part of the association organised around thirty sessions last year to encourage mothers and fathers from Estepona and Marbella to clear up any concerns that they had about balancing technology’s influence on children.