Man armed with a knife subdued by police on Fuengirola seafront


Local Police officers (left) take aim while National Police move in to disarm the man. / SUR

  • The individual caused panic at beach restaurants with diners fleeing from their tables

Armed with a knife, a man caused widespread panic on the Fuengirola seafront, in the Carvajal area, on an otherwise normal Sunday afternoon, causing diners at various beach restaurants to flee from their tables at around 2.20pm.

Several calls were placed to the emergency services by concerned business owners and available patrols were scrambled immediately.

The first to arrive were Local Police officers who, after identifying the man, aimed their guns at him so that he wouldn't move. Seconds later, National Police officers arrived and proceeded to disarm and restrain him, making use of their batons.

Once subdued, the individual was taken to a medical centre before being transferred to the Fuengirola police station.

The whole incident was filmed by a resident in a nearby building.