Government confirms that beaches will be back to normal in time for Easter

Damaged caused by the December storm to a Marbella beach.
Damaged caused by the December storm to a Marbella beach. / J.-L.
  • Miguel Briones confirmed that although work on the beaches will not be fully completed until June, they will be "in good condition" at Easter

The national government's representative in Malaga, Miguel Briones, confirmed last Friday that all of the beaches in the province will be in good shape for Holy Week, following the damage caused by the storms in December and the one just two weeks ago.

Briones made it clear that the speed shown by the authorities in addressing the problem proves "that everyone is equal in the eyes of the government", despite the claims from some PSOE-led institutions that suggest otherwise.

The move follows the statement made by the mayor of Marbella, José Bernal a week ago, who demanded that the Marbella coastal authorities start work on restoring the beaches immediately and if they couldn't, then to give the council free rein to do the job themselves.

Marbella benefit greatly

Marbella have been granted 1.3 million euros to repair the damage caused by the storm in December, the highest amount given to any town along with Estepona in the province. Just over a quarter of the 16 million euros set aside by the government to repair coastal damage in Spain has been given to Malaga province "and Marbella has benefitted the most from this money because quite simply it was one of the hardest hit" said Briones.

Works had already begun in Manilva and Estepona to remove rubble and debris from the beaches before the storm in mid-February hit. This work will continue although replacing the sand is not expected to take place until the second half of this month.

Briones also confirmed that it was not advisable to carry out too much of the work due to the threat of another storm during the first half of March, in addition to the fact that time will be needed to obtain authorisation to extract sand from the riverbeds, which in itself needs to be passed by the Junta de Andalucía.

Briones added that although it is up to the coastal authorities to decide when and how the work on the beaches will be carried out, he promised that all of them will be in good condition come the Easter peak tourism period in mid-April.