Antequera given top international ranking

Two visitors inside the El Romeral dolmen in Antequera.
Two visitors inside the El Romeral dolmen in Antequera. / REUTERS
  • The list in the New York Times of destinations that should be visited in 2017 includes Antequera and Madrid as the only Spanish places recommended

The New York Times publishes a list every year of the places that are a must to visit. This year, of the 52 top international places in the world that are listed, Antequera and Madrid are the only Spanish locations recommended. Madrid is specifically mentioned because of its gastronomic potential and the Michelin-starred Bibo restaurant, owned by Malaga chef Dani García, is named.

Antequera appears at number 38 on the list of 52 and is referred to as 'the Spanish Stonehenge'. The title no doubt refers to the Antequera dolmens, the 5,000-year-old megalithic burial sites that were made a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in July last year.

The granting of World Heritage status has provoked a major upturn for Antequera which has already seen a huge increase in visitors and foreign tourists.

When the town was included in this list, the mayor of Antequera, Manuel Barón, welcomed the fact that this symbolic recognition is a further step towards international recognition. "The task of opening Antequera to the world continues," the mayor said in a statement.

It's not the first time that Malaga province has been highlighted in the US daily paper; Malaga city has been recommended in previous editions. The last time was in August, when The New York Times promoted the city as a tourist destination.

The city was covered in the travel section with an article by Shivani Vora and entitled 'A cultural axis takes shape in Malaga'. The article promoted the museums in Malaga: "In the last decade more than 20 museums have opened in the city with samples of everything from world-famous artists to rare cars." In short, something for everyone.