What do you expect of a great home? The answer is Cassia Estepona

What do you expect of a great home? The answer is Cassia Estepona

Wednesday, 26 October 2022, 18:40


A great home is not just great for its size. Many other factors are involved, such as location, design, distribution of space, tranquillity, privacy... A great home is one where, the moment you enter, you know that you have just found your dream home. Gilmar Real Estate offers you the possibility of finding that great home on an elevated plot, just a few minutes from the centre of Estepona, with access to all the services available in a large city via a magnificent network of new communications.

Cassia Estepona's location in a newly developed area is the perfect balance between living in a private residential area and being close to the city centre and its beaches, shops, medical, educational and leisure facilities. One of the greatest advantages of living in Cassia Estepona is undoubtedly the convenience of being able to enjoy a completely new residential environment, tidy and with easy access to the rest of the services that day-to-day life demands. The city centre with all its charm is just a 10 minute walk away.

Wake up every morning wishing for time to pass slowly, for the sun's rays to fill you with life and for the freshness of the vegetation and water to caress you. Let nature give you back the same care you have shown in buying a home with the highest energy rating (aerothermal air conditioning and heating, LED lighting, appropriate property orientation...), which has used efficient materials throughout the construction process to minimise the CO2 footprint on the environment.

Spaciousness and privacy

The lounges open up to the outside through large windows, giving way to large terraces that embrace the sun and bring continuity to different spaces, integrating them visually and aesthetically... in that area of your home where time stands still.

The innovative covering system makes these terraces more attractive and refreshing, while at the same time insulating the walls and ceilings of the homes in the upper areas. The double orientation of each property offers maximum luminosity and favours natural cross ventilation, and the landscaping with low water consumption and native plant species manages to merge the architecture and the broader environments with the most current lines and trends in decoration, and optimisation of interior spaces and materials. Cassia has designed 'boutique' homes, for those who - like you - know how to appreciate all the details that make up a great home.

Communal areas

It's easier to lead a healthy and active life in this residential complex. A comprehensive gym room, a swimming pool... everything revolves around the magnificent green areas that incorporate children's play areas, community room, social / gourmet lounge, concierge area and security cameras... All in a new, developed area, established with broad avenues that guarantee easy access to the complex with outdoor parking spaces and bike lanes around the plot that protect Cassia Estepona's unique architecture. All to allow you to choose how to live every moment of this new life you wish to enjoy.

Designer, avant-garde, eco-friendly and distinguished. Gilmar Real Estate offers you the chance to live year-round, or for long periods of time, in a unique environment rich in natural and culinary heritage, with guaranteed appreciation in value. It is not only the best decision you will make to improve your quality of life, but also an extraordinary investment opportunity.

The Cassia Estepona complex consists of 70 large homes, allowing you to choose from one to four bedroom apartments in a three-storey building. Ground floor apartments with garden, first floor apartments and penthouses... All with storage room and one or two underground parking spaces. They will all give you that wonderful feeling that you have found the home of your dreams, with the peace of mind and security provided by the professionals at Gilmar Real Estate, a company that for 40 years has been helping thousands of people to be a little happier, with no surprises, no problems and with all the guarantees of having placed your trust in the leaders in real estate marketing.

It seems incredible, but if you've made it this far, you've already taken a big step towards starting to live your new life. All you have to do is call Gilmar Real Estate on 638 96 52 57 or send an email to: They will accompany you throughout the whole process so that all you have to worry about is the most important thing: being happy.

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