Cassia Estepona, comfort and efficiency in a unique setting
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Cassia Estepona, comfort and efficiency in a unique setting

This residential complex from Gilmar Real Estate has the finest specifications, unbeatable communal spaces and a location that offers tranquillity connected to the best services

Monday, 26 June 2023, 17:17


Style, modernity, respect for the environment and exclusivity. Those are just some of the characteristics of Cassia Estepona, a residential complex by GILMAR Real Estate that has everything needed to offer an unbeatable quality of life to its clients. Whether you choose to live there all year round, spend some time there or simply buy as an investment, this complex has an unrivalled design, exclusive finishes and efficient solutions in an unbeatable setting and with a promising future that will increase the value of your investment.

The development consists of 70 homes ranging from one to four bedrooms, with living rooms connected to large terraces, bright spaces and aesthetics designed for a luxurious experience.

It also has an innovative covering system that makes terraces more attractive and refreshing while simultaneously insulating the walls and ceilings of the homes from the heat in the most exposed areas. The flats' double orientation allows fresh air to circulate and provides maximum light in the interior.

The location, on an elevated site with links to both Gibraltar and Malaga airports, combines the tranquillity and security of a private residential community with all the features you expect from a high-quality home, and the convenience of being within walking distance (a 10 minute walk) of the town centre, beaches, shops, restaurants, and medical, educational and entertainment facilities.

A privileged place where you can enjoy the sun and that special light that characterises a lifestyle in which time is perceived differently.

The communal areas, designed for relaxation and enjoying every moment, have refreshing swimming pools with sunbathing areas that make the most of Andalusia's sunny climate, with the convenience of accessible changing rooms and toilets. All of this is surrounded by beautiful green spaces with plants with low water consumption and native species. Furthermore, there is exclusive access to a gymnasium, community room, children's play areas, social/gourmet lounge, concierge services and security cameras. Everything you need to provide you with peace of mind and comfort.

Care for you and the planet

In line with its commitment to sustainability, Cassia Estepona has the highest energy rating. This means that each property has excellent thermal insulation, airtight windows with insulating glass, solar treatment and low heat or cold emission. Moreover, they are equipped with low-energy appliances and equipment, because it is not just about saving money, but also about taking care of the natural environment.

The A energy rating guarantees adequate lighting with LED lights, air conditioning with aerothermal heating and optimal orientation. Similarly, the materials used in the construction are efficient and have a minimal impact on the environment, such as high-quality textured lacquered aluminium windows with thermal break, wood-effect ceramic flooring in the living room, bedrooms and circulation areas, and wooden decking on terraces and balconies.

Thanks to all this, Cassia Estepona is the perfect opportunity to enjoy life in a new concept of housing, where the most contemporary architecture is fused with ample spaces and the latest trends in decoration, materials and optimisation of interior spaces. Boutique homes for those who appreciate all the details that make up a unique residential complex.

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