Chef Xanty Elías awarded for his work to teach little ones to eat well at school

madrid. Chef Xanty Elías has received the prestigious Basque Culinary World Prize for working so that children learn to eat well at school.

Through his project 'Children eat the future', the Huelva-born chef has managed to reach nearly 15,000 schoolchildren in Andalucía from more than a hundred centres who are already taking the subject of Solidarity Gastronomic Culture in their classrooms.

With this important award, considered the 'Nobel' in gastronomy, they want to "recognise the potential of cooking to build a healthier society."

Xanty Elías has presided over the Prenauta Foundation since 2018, which seeks to promote tourism, innovation and entrepreneurship in the restaurant sector, but above all to promote food education and conscious eating among school-age children.