The 'worst wine in the world' is made in Malaga

The wine made in Malaga that needs no points.
The wine made in Malaga that needs no points. / SUR
  • A Malaga businessman hopes to demystify the rituals of wine consumption and make wine less complicated

The Malaga sommelier, Enrique López, has entered the world of wine through the front door. Accustomed to dealing with and letting himself be carried away by the rankings and the gastronomic guides in order to define the quality of wines, the local businessman has launched Cero Puntos Parker (Zero Parker Points), which in wine jargon would infer it is the worst wine in the world.

The founder of El Cavino and author of the book 'Te cuento un vino' (I'll tell you about a wine) explains that he has made this wine to dispense with the phrase "I like wine, but I don't drink it because I don't understand it."

In his opinion, this attitude is a great enemy of winemakers and professionals which needs to be put to rest with ideas like this new wine.

Trained as a sommelier at the regulating council for the Málaga y Sierras de Málaga Denominación de Origen , Enrique López aims to bring the world of wine to all types of consumers.

Magical and natural

"Wine is something magical and natural, it makes itself. However among professionals and in many areas, we have used far too technical terms about its consumption. You don't have to be a connoisseur to enjoy something that is simply very good," he stressed.

Tasting rituals

With Zero Points Parker he wants to demystify the seriousness, the tasting rituals and the technicalities associated with wine consumption which sometimes alienates the consumer because it appears to be a complicated product that should be understood.

"Nothing is further from the truth, wine is as simple as any other gastronomic product. If you like it you drink it, and if you don't like it you ask for something else. Nothing more," he reasons.

The label on the back has a message from the winemaker which can translate as: "With my wife, my family and friends. In the wine cellar or in Roberto's bar.

"For happiness when down, in sickness and in health, everyday of my life. Because today is today. Because it is so good. And that's it."