Blanca, with her electric bass, outside Rock Factory.
A rock 'n' roll prodigy at just 13 years old

A rock 'n' roll prodigy at just 13 years old

Blanca Samper is the youngest person in the world to get a double Grade 8 in guitar and electric bass


Monday, 5 October 2020, 13:05


Blanca Samper's story is certainly not a common one among people her age. At thirteen, she can boast of being part of a rock 'n' roll band that has performed over fifty concerts, as well as having an album on sale. But now she has one more feather in her cap: she has just become the youngest person in the world to obtain a double Grade 8 qualification in guitar and electric bass at the prestigious Trinity College Music in London - the equivalent to a higher conservatory degree.

However, these achievements don't seem to faze this teenager from San Pedro who is very calm and self-confident. Despite this, she says: "When I saw them I didn't know how to react. It was crazy, I didn't expect it."

At that time she didn't know she had achieved something no one else her age had until she started to receive messages from acquaintances and strangers alike who wanted to congratulate her on her success.

Blanca, who studies at the Rock Factory music school in San Pedro, has seen her progress stunted by the pandemic. She had to take her exam via video, but things are starting to look up as her band, Devils in the Sky, met up last week for their first rehearsal since the lockdown.

"They sounded great," says Rafael Reyes, Blanca's teacher. "In ten years' time there will be a lot of talk about San Pedro, as many of the children who have come through here will be in the best groups in the country."

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