A bridge between two distinct musical genres

Wendy Halo uses strong lyrical prowess to infuse her music.
Wendy Halo uses strong lyrical prowess to infuse her music. / SUR
  • Marbella-based singer Wendy Halo was born into a long lineage of gospel singers and she was inspired by artists like James Brown and Ella Fitzgerald

"When you have been raised among a family of gospel singers, the calling to create your own music speaks loudly to your soul," claims up-and-coming pop artist Wendy Halo. This calling is what convinced the British singer/songwriter to quit her corporate management position in London and head to Spain with the intention of fulfilling her dream to become an international pop star.

Wendy Halo is an artist whose latest recording is currently positioned at number one in the Spanish Reverbnation music charts. Born in Northampton, Wendy is now based in Marbella, where she has been working on her debut CD. The first song from the new disc was written by her partner and was released on YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify in January. The song received considerable attention, and now the singer is hoping that her follow-up tune, Fire and Ice, will secure her name as one of this year's top new artists.

Featuring a soulful voice and an exotic look, Wendy Halo's music is a bridge between two distinct musical genres. She was born into a long lineage of gospel singers, and she was inspired by artists like James Brown, Dinah Washington and Ella Fitzgerald. She uses strong lyrical prowess to infuse her music and the result is a complex sound that adds new texture to modern pop music.

"I uncovered my passion for music during my early years singing in the local church with my family. I embraced the sound of Motown and I loved the electricity of James Brown, whilst also experimenting with jazz and funk," she explains.


Not one to draw from a single pool of creative inspiration, Wendy's diverse outlook towards the music-writing process can be found in the many layers that make up her songs, she explains on her website. Known as 'the show-stopper' because of her ability to electrify large crowds with her powerful stage presence, Wendy is delving deeper and further exploring the styles of funk, jazz, soul and opera.

"I am now writing my own lyrics and experimenting with music production in my home studio. I am enjoying writing about my experiences of life and being involved with music production."

Wendy, who prefers not to reveal her age, is putting the finishing touches on her debut album, which is due for release in July. High Life will be produced by Dapo Torimiro, a multi-platinum producer who has worked with top-selling artists such as Justin Bieber and Toni Braxton.