The best doctor in Dallas is from Malaga

Dr Pascual with the cover of the magazine.
Dr Pascual with the cover of the magazine. / M. S.
  • D-Magazine in Dallas has put Juan M. Pascual on its front cover, with the headline, The Brain Detective

The Brain Detective. Patients from around the world come to this Dallas doctor for a second opinion that could save their lives.' This is the front page headline for October's D-Magazine, one of the most influential publications in Texas. The doctor they refer to, however, was born thousands of miles away from Dallas, in Malaga.

Dr Juan Manuel Pascual is considered internationally, and at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center where he works, as the leading figure in the area of neurology and rare diseases. The same magazine, widely distributed and very popular for its 'best and worst' section, has proclaimed Dr Pascual as The Best Doctor In Dallas 2019.

The Malaga doctor and researcher is currently in charge of a project with a budget of eight million US dollars. The magazine describes him as "the doctor you see when nothing else works". When patients have nowhere left to turn they end up at the Rare Brain Disorders Programme that Pascual founded in 2007. He is the main researcher in the laboratory and its clinical director, specialising in the most difficult problems related to grey matter.

Pascual is described in the magazine as "an unpretentious middle-aged man with glasses, who speaks with a slight Spanish accent that has faded after several decades working in the United States".

The story of Dr Pascual includes cases of surprising cures and the University of Malaga is already studying how to give him the recognition he deserves.