Banderas dances to launch his delayed show


The cast of Banderas's A Chorus Line production. / ÑITO SALAS

  • A Chorus Line will open Malaga's Soho CaixaBank theatre in November and run until 26 January to make up for its late start

The date of A Chorus Line's premiere is still up in the air, yet show rehearsals are fully under way, as confirmed at a colourful press conference on Thursday. The company, led by Malaga actor and theatre-owner Antonio Banderas, delighted the press, singing and dancing on stage in unison, with, most noticeably, beaming smiles.



Banderas opened the doors to a rehearsal at the ESAEM performing arts school, launching the musical that will christen his new Soho CaixaBank theatre in Malaga's Calle Cordoba. The musical will open to in mid-November, a month after the original promised date. A Chorus Line will make up for the delay with a prolonged stay in Malaga until 26 January, the day after the Goya film awards gala in the city.

"The journey to production has faced several complicated obstacles. It has been made difficult for me because of many good things; Almodóvar's film has enjoyed a success far greater than expected, and this has resulted in a series of trips for me to the United States in order to promote it," explained Banderas. Despite everything, the Soho will "most certainly" open its doors some time between 10 and 20 November. Tickets for A Chorus Line will go on sale in a week's time.

Surrounded by the cast and international production team, Banderas acknowledged that the Soho CaixaBank theatre is his life's project. "It's not a grave, it's a cradle in which we are going to bring up a beautiful child," he hastened to add, however.