Happiness at a hospital wedding

A kiss for the bride and groom after the wedding in a bedroom at the Quirónsalud Malaga hospital.
A kiss for the bride and groom after the wedding in a bedroom at the Quirónsalud Malaga hospital. / SUR
  • A judge performed the wedding ceremony in the bride's room at the Quirónsalud Malaga hospital, where she is being treated for leukemia

Like so many other couples, Pilar and Héctor want to spend their lives together, make plans for the future and see them come to fruition. Having decided to get married, their wedding took place on Monday. However, this is where this couple differs from others. Pilar and Héctor didn't exchange their vows in a church, a registry office, on a beach or on board a ship. They were married in the Quirónsalud Malaga hospital, where Pilar is undergoing treatment for leukemia.

The civil ceremony took place in Pilar's room, which had been decorated especially for the occasion. The headboard of her bed had a big sign showing their names joined by hearts, and there were three wedding balloons and a bridal bouquet. The idea was to make the room look as festive and wedding-like as possible, and it succeeded. The ceremony was carried out by a judge, and Pilar and Héctor had a lovely day, filled with happiness, which they will never forget.

Héctor only proposed to his then girlfriend last week, and Pilar, who has been ill for the past year, accepted without hesitation.

The wedding was attended by Héctor's two children as well as the couple's other family members and friends, and doctors and nurses who are treating the bride were also present. None of them wanted to miss such an important event in the couple's lives.

One of Héctor's sons lives in France, but as soon as his father told him last Friday that he and Pilar were getting married on Monday he immediately booked a flight so he could be there to share their special day.

"It was obvious how much Pilar and Héctor love each other, and love is a very effective medicine to combat illnesses," say sources at the Quirónsalud Malaga hospital. "The wedding was lovely, and it was a day to remember. We wish both of them every happiness."