Two doctors in Malaga, among the most highly valued in Spain

  • Allergist Jaime García Campos and neurosurgeon Luis de Miguel Pueyo are now on the select Doctoralia list

Two doctors who work in Malaga are among the 25 most highly valued professionals in their speciality, according to Doctoralia, a platform which connects patients with health professionals. On this select list are allergist Jaime García Campos, who works in private clinics, and neurosurgeon Luis de Miguel Pueyo, who combines his work at the Regional Hospital (formerly the Carlos Haya) with private practice.

To select the most highly-valued specialists in the country, Doctoralia took three criteria into account: the opinions of patients, votes from colleagues within the same speciality and the contribution the nominees have made to the community of patients.

Dr García Campos, who trained as a specialist in allergies and immunology at the Regional Hospital, is a member of the AlergoMalaga group and works in several private facilities including the Hospital Vithas Xanit Internacional in Benalmádena, Policlínica San Juan in Alhaurín de la Torre, Hospital Vithas Parque San Antonio, Clínica Premium in Marbella and Clínica Rusadir in Melilla. He says that being highly valued in your speciality on the Doctoralia platform gives you greater visibility to patients in the digital world, "but I have to say that there are many others who are just as good as I am within our field".

Neurosurgeon Luis de Miguel described it as being "a pat on the back and recognition for dedication and work well done". He has worked at the Regional Hospital for 18 years, specialising in spinal surgery, hydrocephalus treatment and oncological neurosurgery. He also works at the Vithas Parque San Antonio, El Ángel and other private clinics.